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Basing Advise

As many of you probably do I love my bushido models. The fact that each embodies a different character makes you want to put so much love into painting and building each one. When it comes to basing I am a bit stumped though. So here are my questions:

1. Do people usually keep the metal slotted tab at the bottom of the model? I'm tempted to cut them off for some models to allow basing on a rock or something similar. I'm a bit OCD and am having a hard time taking that step though. 

2. Any recommendations for basing mats or green stuff rollers? I'd love to put tatami mats on some bases and such. What kind of basing have you all done? I'm looking for ideas that go beyond superglue, sand, rocks, and skulls like all my warhammer bases end up being. 

I want my models bases to look good on eventual boards I'm building and would like to have 2-3 factions per themed board. Just curious how others have approached this problem as I'm sure I'm not the first. 

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I've done many different things over the years, like:

  1. Mixing up "mud" (like textured paint) and using that as a foundation with some static grass to create a muddy battlefield look.
  2. Mixing up different sizes of sand and small stones as a base, then topping with grass tufts.
  3. Buying resin bases, like the ones from Dragonforge.
  4. Forming rocky surfaces by breaking up thin sheets of cork.

For 1 and 2, I use the original base and cover it up, so there's (usually) no need to remove the slotted tab. I just slot it in and decorate the base.

For 3 and 4 cutting of the base is necessary. I recommend pinning the model to the base, and there are two ways to do this. #1, you can cut the entire tab off and pin the usual way by drilling holes in the feet and the base and pinning with some wire (I like guitar strings). #2, clip most of the slot off but keep part of it and form it into a pin on each foot. The second way can take longer, but depending on how the model is standing it may the be only option.

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It realy depends on what you are planning to do with the Base

First yes you can cut off the metal slotted tab - but then you have to stift the model - drill a small hole in the food and pin it with a bit of metal.

I for one use milput to form a lot of stuff other things you can buy or find in the forest like small wood pieces. You can use earth for flowers or sand as basing material.

Under the Tutorial section there is a recepie for wooden floors which I use for my Ninjas etc etc.


Most good shops for miniatures have a category "basingmaterials" where you can find inspiration.

This Guy is a real genius and inspired me a lot.


Here is some infiration form my Temple miniatures with a Forset-theme.

As you can see here I even try to make the even Base oneven to give it a more natural look with some milput also Bases before I put some potting soil as forrest ground on the base.


Rock and some Silvermoon City Bases with milput

A Birthday Present for a friend

Hope you can understand everything since English is not my monthertounge.


What I normally do is imagen a theme and do the bases of a certain fraction in tha one.

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Thanks so much for the comments and advise. Having trouble figuring out the themes I want to go with for my factions. I love your use of milliput zappod. Inspirational for certain. 

I've caved and ordered a nice GW hand drill as it seems I will be doing a lot of pinning. Borrowed some greenstuffworld rollers from a friend and hoping to dive into a theme for a faction. 

I'd love to do a rock garden theme for Rokan (, but unsure how to "rake" the sand while it is superglued. If anyone has any ideas for this I'd love to hear them. 

Will probably go with a dirt/forest theme for Ito. Similar for Savage Wave. 

Debating between pavers or tatami mats for ninjas. Was considering Tatami mats style bases for Ito as well. 

Tengu I suppose should be a mountain/rocky/earth theme. 

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I have yet to be able to buy the rulebook so I don't know the lore of this game. Im trying to figure out what suitable bases are for Ro-Kan and Ito. I'm not sure where they come from. Mountains, forest etc. WHile I know I can do pretty much anything I was hoping to keep it true to the lore. Anyone know where these factions hail from?


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Your ro kan bases look great.

For easy basing techniques, you can simply use cork sheet , break it in smaller pieces and glue to your base. Depending on how you glued the cork, you can paint lava between the cork or water effect ( make a smalle dock with balsa wood), add water reed ( can be made from an old broom).

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