June 2020 Terrain competition

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June will be the last month of the terrain competitions. We want to go out with a bang, and to encourage as many of you as posssible to get building, we are going to throw it over to you. Enter any terrain piece you want. It can represent a special card, an objective or be scatter terrain. Only caveat is it needs to be made in June.

Individual prizes will be dished out as well as the Grand Prize: an opportunity to design a special card for the next Cycle deck!

If you cannot upload your pictures a foolproof way is to add them on Facebook, right click on the image and copy the image address (not the image the image address). Then click on the green box in the toolbar above (if you look closely looks a little bit like a painting with a little house) and paste the address into the URL box.



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This is my entry for the June terrain competition, the meditation pool.

The calming water provides the perfect place for anyone who seeks to attune themselves with the universe, as Kira from the Temple of Ro-Kan demonstrates in the bottom picture.

By the_keenster
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Strolling Garden With Weeping Cherry, 4 inch Control Zone Composition.

About a week to build, a week for the tree and a week to finish.

inspired by the description of Lu-Tze Garden of Five Suprises in Oi Dong, taken from Terry Pratchets Thief of Time.

the suprises, as discovered by Lobsang Ludd in Thief of Time:

"the little tilting bridge, which throws you into the carp pool
the way the little daisies spray you with venomous pollen
the bronze butterfly that flaps its wings when you breathe on it
the yodelling stick insect
A cheap carnival mask, which Lu-Tze dons when asked by Ludd."

"Note that Lu-Tze never said that the fifth surprise was particularly good."

And the trio from April, May and June together and i finaly worked out how i messed up last months photos.





By TheChojin

For my final entry of the competition I elected to do a small piece which was my spin on the Cult terrain card "Refuse Pile." I had been toying around how I wanted this to look for awhile and ultimately selected on a few rats ready to savor the corpse of an ambushed Prefecture ashigaru. I've always liked the fluff about the city, and surrounding swamps, of Sagoya, and felt the Prefecture corpse collapsed in the murky water and mud was pretty thematic. Plus it will tie in with the mangled pulp of a body Araka drags along! 

By nch5028
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