Sun Goddess Shrine Build

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Submit your entries here to enter May's Terrain building competition:

My entry! Based the freehand on the painting of amaterasu emerging from her cave.

By Cturnerfoto
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Here's my entry based on a mash up of the real life Amaterasu shrine and google image searches for shinto shrine.


Here is my humble entry. 

By warringtonwolf

My sun goddess shrine

By Nic Bertels


By Kuni

Since I can't figure out image hosting... My submission.

By adrakeraue
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By GregR --

Temple of Ro-Kan

Sorry for the previous post without the pictures!



By nch5028
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Mokichi’s Sun Goddess, Altar and Shrine.

50MM altar peice with regalia.

a concept after looking through the rule book, presuming the building with the big pillars of light is a sun temple and trying to work out what might fill it and how it could function.
Cbeebies vacuum formed peacock rebuilt to include a traditional Japanese wedding Hood/hat, a Heian 12 layer kimono with sun ray backdrop. took a week to rebuild with GS, Milliput and Aves.
VMC, Scale 75 metallics and GSW colour shift paints for those interested.

Front plate removed.

The mirror, sword and gem
FB got me thinking about how to make a mirror so i tried the idea before finding a use for it. The sword was intended to fill a space in the sleeves. The front came apart as part of the build so i never stuck it back with the sword fully there inside the front piece. I did a check and Amerterasu had the grass cutting sword from the regalia so gave that a go. I then made the third piece as well to finish the set and hung it at the neck

Full shrine with expanded base to area of effects range.

Thinking it could be interesting to build the AOE and topical with the 50mm/2inch radius scaled nicely to the UK’s 2 meter distance measure and the outer edge as the suns corona. thought more mirrors might generate the light columns and decided to incorporate a traditional 12 hour  clock face element, 2x6 hours 4 to 9 referencing day/night cycle and for some extra function, should i need to track 6/12/24 rounds.

The back of the altar and other side of the mirrors so you can see the numbers, the butterflies are from a hobbycraft paper cutter


By TheChojin

Looking at the quality of what the others have posted here I feel bit embarrassed to post mine but here it is anyway. First time scratchbuilding any terrain.

This was my inspiration:

By Mcgreag

In the remote parts of the Jwar Isles, storytellers share an alternate story of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu’s conception and birth. According to this legend, the great ancient dragon Tatsuya sees a human man named Kukai out in the wilds of her dominion. Normally Tatsuya would have flown into a rage and killed any who dared to trespass into her lands. However Kukai was a monk who had given his life to the perfection of his body and soul. When Tatsuya saw his perfect physical and spiritual form she fell madly in love and knew she must have him.

The dragon Tatsuya used her great power and magic to shapeshift into human form. She was so strikingly beautiful that it did not take long for her to seduce Kukai. Once she had sated her lust she returned to her true form and left Kukai behind. In due time she laid the egg from which Amaterasu came.

While the Takashi clan is quick to support accept this re-telling of Amaterasu’s lineage and birth, scholars from other clans have gone so far as to say that the Takashi created this tale and even paid minstrels to spread it.

Whatever the case, the egg featured in the shrine below pays homage to this version of Amaterasu’s story.

By H4ml3t

I tried adding those images as BBCode and nothing I tried worked. My apologies!
By H4ml3t

My speed participation xD
I started friday night.
If you are interest by the process check the modeling channel on the discrod sorry for the spam.




By Imkariel

Here is my sun goddess shrine entry I hope the facebook link is acceptable I couldnt figure out how to post pictures here on the forums.



By Ret-Bobotebagginz
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Fantastic work! May's competition ends here. See the blog soon for winners and June's competition.

By Studio
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