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Competitive/Tournament Style Cult
So I know it’s still a little early in the new edition, but has anyone figured out what some of the more competitive style Cult models/combos are? I feel like I have a good grip on the rules and how to play well, but I’m just having a really tough time winning. Especially against monks and I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m gonna post a couple of the lists I’ve been trying and if you guys could give me any sort of advice in terms of list building or strategies I would really appreciate it. (Edit: These are for 100 point lists.) List 1 No Theme Wanyudo - 18 Penny - 17 Taka, Kimiko Whistle - 16+2 Mo Ises - 15 Araka,Fresh - 15 + 1 Gendo - 13 Drain Spirit - 1 Random Act of Unkindness - 2 Total: 100 This list I feel has decent board control between Wanyudo, Araka,, and Gendo. Wanyudo because he inflicts so much fire and us hard to deal with, Araka for standing there and contesting stuff or blocking lanes (and can also dish out some damage when Oni Raged) and Gendo with flank and SO MANY RATS. I also feel like I have good Ki Feat combos with penny stun, mo walk/control/Ki steal and Taka berserk. I can really put enemy models in bad situations. I feel like my biggest problem with this list is that I have very few models on the board especially if gendo flanks and with only 2 frontline models (one of them being slow) I find it hard to protect my supports that are so crucial to my strategy and also contest objectives at the same time. Often what happens is people will ignore Araka and just nuke Wanyudo ASAP. Even with tough 2 and durable ranged he can only take so much punishment. Once he’s gone (which is usually no later than turn 2) I’m in a really bad spot because they continue to ignore Araka and go for my back line. Again maybe I’m not playing effectively. List 2 Theme: Death and Decay Gok- 20 Kato, Kimiko Whistle - 22 + 2 Araka,Fresh, 15 +1 2x Kairai Farmer - 14 2x Kusatta Kairai - 14 4x Risen Kairai - 12 Total: 100 I feel like this list has so much potential but I can just never get it to work. I generate so much Ki with Gok that I can fully load Kato turn 1. I can also fully load Araka. But even with the scout I just cannot get up the board. And monks is absolutely the worst to fight with this list. So many prones.... I don’t often lost zombies until late in the game but again I just have the issue of my supports getting picked off so easily. And Gok especially gets absolutely melted by ranged attacks. Even with the cover he can give off. Again I feel like this list is really solid. Lots of bodies, lots of board control, I’m tough to put down, I can dish out lots of stuns and poison as well as some controls. But maybe I’m missing something. Sorry for the long post guys. Once again any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
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Sorry that the post came out in a weird format I thought I had spaced it properly.


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In my opinion Yurei to perform well really need to focus on synergies between theme list and profiles.

You can't do well by just mix good pieces randomly. They have two or the strong theme around i've seen so far.

What make them great? 

For Death and Decay the free risen kairai, for Nightmares of Jigoku the burakumin bodyguard. And they also share a powerfull turn 4 autowin tactics. (that is huge if you position your troup in turn 3 for this)

For death and decay list my tips are : 

1) Abuse the free risen kairai feature. How? Bring a lot of non-soulless, non insignificant model. It's a bit counterintuitive use few kairai in a list of living udead but you're gonna have them for free both if you're winning or losing pieces.

2) Breath of yurei is probably the stronghest card in the game for me. It's a must include. Are u gonna play kato + some burakunin and kairai? Drop this. Enemy can't run, your soulless kairai that deploy 2'' forward are going to match the enemy speed on first turn. You cannot be targhet of ranged fire or ki feat first turn and even charge is impossible and hey you don't have serius ranged fire anyway and kato just need to drop his marionette so is not really a problem.

Generally i always keep breath of yurei even on turn 2. I don't mind lose tactics but i really love keep my opponent under control with 2'' los limit.

3) Gendo is a must include. He can remove slow on Araka or any kairai TILL THE END OF THE TURN! For 1 ki. He could always turn into a risen kairai also. (remember araka is soulles and without slow he can run turn 1 positioning very deep in enemy territory)

4) Fresh is here to rock, especially on weak kairai. I'm not gonna put fresh on Tadao or Araka. They're generally pretty solid alone. Fresh generally going to drop on a couple of kairai.

5) Rokuro is a beast in this list. He give u +1 for deploy tactic roll. He have a wall of kairai that drain attention and activation. He can move last and do insane damage where needed.

Here my typical Death and decay list : 

Breath of yourei, 3

Drain Spiri, 1 (this for rokuro that with at least 3 ki can go into melee with everyone)

Kato, 22

Gengo, 10

Kairai Farmer, 7

Kairai Militia, 8x2

+ Fresh 2

Tadao, 15

Rokuro, 15

Sichihiro, 9

I use those model because are the ones that i've painted, but u can switch Tadao for araka or mix something else.


I still don't have tried Gok but with him u loose the powerfull control of kato. I would not play them togheter, surely i'm gonna use breath of yourei anyway to cover him from ranged and ki feat while he pumps ki on kairai.

Generally i always play defensive and on reaction with this list. You're slow you're not going to do dmg with kairai. Let opponent start his move and burn activation on them and be ready for your last turn key move. Marionette control and rokuro strike. Keep in mind that keeping alive kato is the main thing so have always a kairai in 3" for protected ability. If some big boss charge him sacrifice a kairai and hit him with marionette or shut down his remaining activation with some cheap unit. be continued with tips for nightmares of jigoku list.

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I just add my suggestion for Ivory Prison. Remeber: Kato have this, so when the "big boss" over there gets you and you can benefit from the Kairai protection, DO a MS boost. A Kairai can suffer the damage while you - with a single attack dice - can try to morph him into an Armoured Kirai: not only you have kill a dangerous opponent but you have another model ready! This is a risky tactic, if you can retreat and protect Kato anyway you can simply get 3 defence dices, your enemy wouldn'r risk an Ivory Prison on a heavy hitter so he doesn't rely too much on this attack, and don't put too much effort on it, allowing you to parry effectively and get more time.
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... about nightmare of Jigoku.

With this theme you can really do what u want. Just remember to keep your best pieces in range of a bodyguard burakunin.

Wanna play summon list? Drop breath of yurei and summon a lot. 

Wanna play an ikyrio list? No breath of yurei but add kami of chocking fog for cover and always keep her in range of yugio or other cheap burakunin.

Yurei have 2 of the strongher shugenja in the game, ikyrio and kato can win game with one or two good roll so basically you need to build list that can protect them and let them do their job, while opponent generally try to kill them and doing this make mistakes.