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Fluff question

In the one story I've seen for the Jung it looks like Mari is in charge. Who is Minato Jung then? A relative? 

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Mari has her own pirate ship, but Minato runs the docks of Ryu (see Rise of the Kage expansion).  They're both part of the Jung family (the Jung Pirates used to be a samurai family until they challenged, and lost to, the Shiho).  How closely they're related is unknow to us though.

Minato used to be an infamous pirate, but was eventually captured by the Prefecture.  Rather than executing him, they offered him a job policing the docks of Ryu - a job he accepted, but now it seems it was all a ruse and he's back to his Jung ways.


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Well I could see that it had been a plan from the begining for Minato to get captured and getting access to the Ryu Docks which would turn into the Jung's Docks ad night when Jung ships offload and load goods, and when the Ryu Dock were under Jung control the Jung returned in full forces and Minato went back to his ship taking his place as its Captain again... or something in that direction :)