Bushido Video Battle Reports on Gitxapalooza

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Bushido Video Battle Reports on Gitxapalooza

I started a YouTube channel called "Gitsapalooza".  Right now it's exclusively Bushido content.  8 battle reports with a mix of both short and long form (turn summary vs. dice rolling).  We take a lot of pride in our minis and our tables so the reports should, at the least be visually entertaining.  Keep in mind I am both new to Bushido and new to YouTube... so the later the number the better the video.  I think I'm averaging more than one post per week, though there is no specific schedule. 

Please stop by if you get the chance!


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Thanks for making Bushido videos, I watched all of them. I'm also new to the game and it's always good to watch others playi with Clans, that I don't really know.

But, I have a request: Could you do some videos where you actually show the playing? I like your Camerawork, and the still photos are good as well, but I would like to really see what they are doing, not just having them talk about it. Dice throwing, the use of Ki points, and so on... I could learn a lot more like that.

Looking forward to see more videos,


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Awesome. Thanks for the content. Keep up the good work!

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