Confirming rules on Poison...

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Confirming rules on Poison...

Hi again. I'm a bit confused by the rules on Poison...

I assume that general aim is that if a player can accululate poison into enemies, it builds in potency and damage.


  1. Total poison markers for that turn.
  2. Divide them between your units who can use it, and in 'size' of drops, 1, 2 or 3 etc.
  3. If you manage to wound an enemy, you can give them a drop.
  4. End of turn, enemy takes off highest drop and takes that damage. Any left move up one in potency.
  5. Any unused posion on your units is discarded.

Is that right?



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Do you mean Blood of Orochi?

Because that's not how either of those works.

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No, Blood of Orochi (BoO) allows you to divide up the level of BoO on the figures in your group.  Depending on how much BoO you put on a figure will determine the level of poison a figure will have in a turn.  

Poison is rated (and if I get this wrong please correct me) X is level or damage / Y is number of counters.  So one point of BoO on a figure gives them poison 1/1. 

Every time a figure with Poison damages a target the take will receive poison markes equal to the figures poison level.  If the above figure hit and damaged the target would receive one "level" one poison token.  If the Poison trait was 1/2 the target would receive two "level" one poison tokens.  If the Posion trait was listed as 2/1 the target would receive one "level" two poison token...

A target can have multiple poison tokens on them.  At the end phase you pick the highest "level" poison token and apply the damage to the target.  

If there are three or more of the same "level" poison tokens left on the target remove two of them and replace them with a Poison token one "level" higher.  Any remaining poison tokens remain.  So if at the end of a round you have 5 posion tokens, each with a value of 1 then you would remove one and take a point of damage.  Then remove two "level" one tokens and replace it with a "level" 2 poison token.  You should now have one level 2 poison token and two level 1 poison tokens left.

Otherwise check out Model States in the rule book (page 88, or 18 in Rules PDF)