Two rules questions

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Two rules questions

It is my understanding that ki feats that either grant a special attack or change the value of a special attack can be declared at step 4 of the combat sequence. If this is the case what happens in the case of the rain of blows ability which grants combo attack 0 and lightning reflexes? Does the sudden appearance of the lightning reflexes ability change the order in which the models attack? (assuming that the model using rain of blows would have been attacking second)

Also in a recent game one player had two models with the leadership ability and thought that the ability could be stacked . We consulted the forum to see if it could be stacked and someone had said that it could on the basis as it was an ability that granted a +1. However looking at the august 2017 Errata the rule only states that leadership adds one to the score of a leadership roll rather than the +1 that would indicate that the ability stacks. Also do leadership bonuses apply to the model with the leadership ability?

Could someone please provide us with some clarification.

Thank you in advance.

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If you want to get the effect for gaining Lightning Reflex you have to use it before the initiative in the Melee exchange is decided. Basically before both model come in BtB.

I do agree that leadership needs some clarification.