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Can. Someone please help me work out what happens in this scenario?

An Ashigaru is engaged in combat with both Hotaru and Suchiro (who has indomitable 1). Suchiro is also in base contact with a Takashi retainer.
The Ashigaru decides to make an attack on Hotaru.
The rules for indomitable read "this model ignores x additional enemy models in btb when checking for out numbering in melee exchanges"
Does this mean that when checking for out numbering Suchiro can ignore the Takashi retainer and still lend support to Hotaru?

Thank you in advance

P.s. Does anyone else find some of those math questions you have to answer a little tricky?

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I believe the answer is no.  Here is the text.

Models in Melee Exchanges suffer a -1 modifier for each Enemy model in BtB with which they are not currently re-solving a Melee Exchange, and which is not also in BtB with a Friendly model.
Melee combat is only ever between 2 people.  Other free models can assist but you don't roll dice for them.
So the actual Melee in your example is only between Hotaru and the Ashigaru
Suchiro is merely holding up the others to prevent an assist as he is not the target of the attack.
When it comes to Suchiro's activation, and he is the direct subject of the attack, then Indomitable would apply as he can handle more than one direct attacker.
As to your math question.  The answer is yes as I'm always fooled and have to use a calculator.  Right now it's asking me for 6+5.  I mean my God.  frown