Flank and split attack.

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Flank and split attack.

During a recent game with a friend we encountered a few grey areas regarding the flank rule and were hoping that someone on the forum could help us understand them. Firstly when a player decides which table edge they are going to deploy their flankers on do they have to tell their opponent or is that information secret? Secondly do models off the board due to flank generate ki for themselves? Do abilities such as tactician or scout work?

Also I have a question about split attack. Suppose Master Akari is in combat with two models he declares a melee action against both of them them. When rolling against his first opponent he throws all his dice into defence and sidesteps away. Do both of his opponents become tired even though only one of them actually got to fight?

Your clarification of these points would be most appreciated.

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1. There is no hidden information in Bushido unless specified (Like Hidden VIM). I always played with flanking model generating Ki token and being able to use Tactitian. For Scout, I would say that you either Scout or Flank you can't use both at the same time but I may be wrong.

2. Model condition worsen at step 11 of Melee Exchange so the 2nd model never reach this step unless you chose to sidestep from the first one at stay in BtB with the 2nd one.