A wild New Player appears!

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A wild New Player appears!

(This might get wordy so apologies in advance.)

As the title, I've just recently discovered Bushido and just, wow. The first miniatures game I really got into was Infinity several years ago. The small scale, beautiful models/terrain, sensible rules and objective based gameplay was so different from 40k that I had to dive right in. Fast forward a few years, and the glimmer has faded. The massive amount of upkeep had gotten old, it seemed you had to be on top of the rules at all times to be remotely competitive, which I no longer had the time for. In addition I felt the game relied too heavily on terrain setup, leave a lane open and that right there decides the game. So I sold off the majority of my models, keeping my favorites just in case, and leaving the miniatures scene.


Thanks to the SUSD article, I found out about this wonderful game called Bushido. It appeared to have everything I loved about Infinity without the parts I disliked. Handsome, low count warbands. Beautiful, striking (small!) tables. Comparatively simple, yet nuanced rule system. Dripping with unique theme. I read the rules and watched the Team Covenant demo video, from there I was hooked. I've already found my willing victim (other player), started building a table and started researching the factions. So far the Tengu and Ito Clan speak to me, the models are unique and gorgeous. Once I have a surplus of funds I plan on picking up both of these starters and running demos at the LGS.


Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to an awesome game, I love it  for all the reasons you just stated. Both Tengu and Ito are excellent factions and I've just started getting both myself. either of them are terrific, actually all of the factions have their charms!

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I also play Infinity and feel the uneccesary rules bloat and terrain skew too. Bushido is definetly the next step up as it rewards scenario play for real and is very thematic. Tengu and Ito are quite different. In a nutshell, Ito is an aggro faction and Tengu a movement oriented toolbox. Welcome to a great game!

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