New player, armoured kairai qwestion

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New player, armoured kairai qwestion

First of all,

Hello, new to the game and i am a undead player (in every game i play) i love zombies haha

I was creating lists and ordering models. When i could not find a B-armored kairai. And it is not mentiond in the B-kairai order. Am i missing somthing or is it a conversion thing... Or do i have to buy starter box twice?

Thx in advance,

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I'm afraid right now there is no second Armoured Kairai.  You could Tadao as a second Armoured Kairai if it came to it, but in all honesty I don't think I've seen a warband with two Armoured Kairai since I first started playing three years ago.

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Tadao can be used as model B, a lot of models in bushido don't have a model B, but there is often a named model (at 1 rice higher) that fits the profile (wasupu & kyohaku-han crossbow men - takashi samurai & iiju makoto - temple guard & chiyo)  sometimes you find this possibility even in the starters, where some models are meant to be played as a named character or as a B model for a generic profile.