Starter Cult VS Temple

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Starter Cult VS Temple

Hello all, Srry fore the lack of pictures


so the line up fore me was the starter (my first game)

fore him

Righteous warrior theme

Master Akari

Master Ekusa

Yumi (i think)

Kami of earth & Kami of wind


the scenario

Ichi no Riten

old man Kato was my VIM, Master Ekusa was Temple VIM


the bord

it was a grassland board with a river going from top left corner to bottom right corner with a little island in the middel and a few rocky path's leading to and from the island. water was difficult terain and rocky path's was normal terain.  with the two 8inch objectives so close nearby it was hard to place more terain.

i hade to set up first & move first


end of turn one 1 : 1


Moved Ikiryo to the edge of the zone and shot at Master akari (he got lukky and servived with one hp) kairai moved up 6 inch and drooled, Old man Kato moved to the edge of the river and spawned a 4ki marionet


moved up to the zone wind kami Pushed marionet into the water & a Kairai into the water, Healed Master Akari. Yumi moved and faced away from Ikiryo.


end of turn two 2: 2


Drained one ki From wind Kami, kiled the earth kami with a 2 kairai stack, Ikiryo dealt 3 dmg to master Ekusa, Marionet wanted to control master Akari who was exhausted, (but mis juged the distance) ended up 1 kairai fighting Yumy, rivived dead Ikiryo as a Kairai villiger (new player misstake, dident know akari special skill and hade 0ki on ikiryo)


Yumi attacked a kairai but could not kill it, master akari used "rivitalize" and attacked the 0ki Ikiryo and got passed fear 6 and kiled it,


end of turn three 6:2 (or somthing game was over)


drained last hp from wind kami with Old man Kato,  Kairai Millita melee'd Master Ekusa and killed him (vim kill), Yumi still fighting 2 kairai, marionet controlled tired Akari and ran him out of range of the 2 controll zones,


master akari killed kairai viliger (but made his 2+ raise) Yumi killed Kairai Militia (but got made its 2+ raise)


end of turn four 8:2 (or somthing)


Yumy died turned into a kairai thanks to old man Kato, viliger died again and was raised again. old man kato made a new marionet to body block master Akari,


Master akari attacked the marionet and killed it.

end of turn five

5 kairai tryed to gang up on master akari but between push atack and defence could never get the outnumbering bonus and 6 kairai vs 1 Akari... master akari took no dmg, then we ended the game



personal thing about the game

my plan was to controll somthing strong (Yumi) and then kill somthing els with it leaving it open to be serprize charged after. but since i alredy out activated him 12 vs 10 (including the kami and the marionet) there was no need i could leave all the tacktical moves fore when all his models where exhausted.

Old man Kato and marionet where My MVP's the 2+ raise rolls and gaining extra models when other die is rly sick, and the fear of being controlled realy throws peaple's game plans.

Ikiryo: this chick is strong, hard to play around i understand why so many use her. outside of the dmg she can do, she olso makes peaple change there play style. but i do not like the way she plays feals like a cop out to me haha.

Kairai: yes there slow, but the did great hard to actualy kill and in a group there prety sceary, you can kinda work around the slow by moving in a straight line the faster models will try to outflank and do "smart tactical shinanigens" but slow stady to the objective and claim is then gang up on anything that moves close. and keep old man and the marionet nearby fore the +2 raise roll and controll markers.


i feel its better to use the marionet on low Ki models and use them as a outnubering tool and just take away activations instead of trying to get there big boss.

fear is way stronger then i initialy belived.