tournament 42 points Death & Decay

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tournament 42 points Death & Decay

Hello all,

first of any type of wargame i always play the undead/zombie horde i'm a real zombie fan haha. so ofc i did the zombie/kairai horde came in out of 6 players i was 2de.


so saterday 16th i played a tournement 42 points, and would like to share my matches. and evaluation.

the match was, 3 rounds moost points win. the scenario's where: itchi no riten, the messenger, reikan. 


11) kato

6) armored kairai

5) Yugio

8) kairai farmer (x2)

8) kairai militia (x2)

0) death & decay theme

1) drain spirit

2) desecrated grave

1) kairai villeger with fresh(x1) (1rice becaus of free villeger from death and decay)


match 1 was vs ito clan playing "itchi no riten". using all the snake peaple

during the set up i used the desecrated grave to place some of my  kairai on the zone i place my vim exposed. to lure out my oponent.

turn 1 i rand up with kato to be in range of my kairai & summond a 3 ki puppet. and placed Yugio next to him my villiger was targeted bij blind and the hits whent into the villiger but a 2+ raise had the Kairai villiger stand redy fore the next turn

CP points 1-1

turn 2 i chose to give kato ranged def (2) so he would not be shot bij the snake lady, a flanking snake came up with was killed by my samurai. i found a way 2 mind controll a big snake lady with swords and ganged up on a onother snake kild it and turned it into a villiger. at this point i hade more models and points in the zone and it was a 2vs10 so he gave up 3-0 me.

"the match was rly easy the 2+ raise roll was easy to out activate his army, found out that shooting is rly weak vs a kairai only list, sinds it only exhaust there models so him shooting me made it easy fore me. and a blinded model 1 dice still good to exhaust/tire enemy models."


Match 2 was VS a Savage wave using moostly ony's and 2 humans that drank there blood. cenario Raikan.

set up same way as game one, was very sceard of rakash sinds i have never played vs savage wave and hade no idee how to kill it with my weak kairai.

turn 1 he was a very good player and split up his force becaus it was hidden vim. he knew my fresh villiger was the vim but i did not know witch demon was his vim. i was betting on rakash but hade to split up my force to deal with the other moddels incase he did a sneaky play. every thing els i did the same as turn one in my first match. exept my doll hade 4 ki

turn 2 i got lukky here. i rolled 3x 6's on the ki test vs rakash and with 5 controll markers used it to kill his other demon and summon a villiger (found out that a melee action - 2 markers 1 fore walking 1 fore attacking so was down to 3 rely fast..) . Yugio died becaus i used it to body block the other demon.

turn 3 i ran rakas into the top corner and my vim in his diployment zone and get my VP.

turn 4 kild his army exept rakash. he kild Kato.

turn 5 ran away from rakash and body bloked the demon sinds kato was dead sceard to risk te raise roll

no turn 6 rakash was his vim. 1-0 fore me.


match 3 messenger vs bird folk with kanut (spelling) again never played vs this army so ye...

turn 2 every thing was in combat in a giant brawl.

turn 3 i rolled a dubble 1 on my vim it died. and i tabled his intire army with both our vim's  dead it was 0-0


recap the bird player won his 2de match 3-0 and i did a 1-0 so he beat me haha.

1) drain spirit was usles. haha. (next time going with healing balm on kato)

2) 2+ raise test with re-roll crazy good on vim missions (exept envoy)

3) kanut is creazy strong.


the army worked better then expected. and i might sub somthing to get a pre-ordain in the list to help with the re-roll fail. but sinds i played vs 3 army's i have never played before. and my first tournement of bushido i was happy with the result.


hope the spelling wassent to bad, thx fore reading


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Thank you for the report.

The 2+ Rise is really nice, I'm a bit surprised your opponent didn't managed to break your LoS to the model they wanted to kill.

Yes Kanut is really goodat what he does ! Go Birds !

By the way there is a Battle report section on the Forum ;)