Starting out - Rise of Kage models

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Starting out - Rise of Kage models


So I picked up the Rise of the Kage board games at Adepticon this year and the gentlemen running the booth was gracious enough to give me the Bushido cards that's go with some of the models. I'm looking to start playing Bushido a bit and was wondering if this seems like an okay starting band, or if I'm really going to be missing some of the other figures. 


Kenta Takashi - 11

x2 Takashi Retainer - 7*2= 14

x1 Takashi Samurai 8

total: 33


Also, is there's any way I could fill those two extra points? It doesn't appear to be advantageous to leave a few points empty in this set of rules.

I also have access to Takashi House Guards and Lady Oka as well.

Thanks for your input!

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Card packs are good to squeeze those extra rice into a Warband -

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You should also have Iiju Makoto (named profile for the takashi samourai), and he's really worth it