Immobilised state from ranged attacks

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Immobilised state from ranged attacks

Just wanted to clarify breaking immobilised state from ranged attacks eg Korea.

Errata states:
• Immobilised. As long as a model is immobilised it cannot declare any actions except Disengage, Ki Feats
usable in Melee or Stand Up. An Immobilised model cannot move or be moved, except to change facing,
and suffers a -1 Melee Skill. Remove the model’s Immobilised state when:
o The Immobilising model it is no longer in BtB with the Immobilised model.
o The Immobilising model participates in a Melee exchange with another model.
o Or the Immobilised model has successfully Disengaged from the Immobilising model.
A Model with the Intangible or Automatic Disengage trait has Immunity (Immobilised).

So looks like a model hit by an immobilising Korusea ranged attack can't declare disengage because it's not in b2b.

Moving onto the 3 bullet points:
○ as written the model hit by the ranged attack isn't in b2b with the immobilising model so automatically loses the immobilised state? Can't believe that's right but that seems to be how it reads.
○ korusea attacked by someone else makes model caught in a net lose immobilised? Again seems odd but guess you could say he's no longer pulling the net tight!?
○can't declare disengage.

So as written the ranged immobilised seems worthless as anyone not in b2b just breaks free.
On the other hand if they don't have that way out then their only way out is to wait for someone to come attack the korusea and free them.
If its the second one it makes korusea very powerful and a huge threat to large models who you'd hit on a 4+ from 7" away (move 4", lightweight, +1 to hit, mid-range).
Looking forward to throwing some nets on Rashka soon!

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The ranged attack from the net gives the Held state not Immobolised.
But without the net the pirate cannot use immobolising attack to gain the above benefits. Immobolised is a melee only state.


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What Axiam said.