Getting back into the game

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Getting back into the game

Had a long hiatus, trying to get back into the game.  Haven't picked up the New Dawn rulebook yet but I eventually intend to.  It sounds like the setting has developed a lot from when I first grabbed the Ito KS way back in the day.  I have a couple of fluff questions to satisfy my own curiosity:

In general does the New Dawn book provide more info on the other clans we know exist?  I know we see a fair bit of the Minimoto, but is there a good history of the clans, what other clans exist, what their totems are, etc?  

Who were the Eguchi (from the Life for Life story), for example?  It seems they used to outrank or at least be equal to the Takashi and Shiho clans?

Who is the Satou familt that Atsushi used to serve? 

Now that the Shiho have been dispersed are there any clans that can rival the Takashi?

Other than the Hare clan do the Takashi clan have any other allies they can call on?

If the answer is 'pick up the rule book' that's ok. :)






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Rulebook has a BUNCH of background in it. I don't think all your questions are answered, but it is a good read.