Ruling Time!

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Ruling Time!


I need some clarification on Tarobo, during the starting phase he can choose :

- Friendly model within 8" gains Aware and Sixth Sense until the End Phase.

Is it a bubble that move with him ? Does it affect every model within 8 ? Should he target someone or choose someone without LoS restriction ? 

And another question, the new ronin Yanjing, comes with the trait Brutal ( Ranged/1), does it means that other Brutal like Minato or Onis work on Ranged attack and Melee or is it only Yanjing that works on Ranged ?

I hope I made myself clear, thanks for any answer.

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1.) you choose one friendly model during the Starting Phase.  It gets Aware + Sixth Sense until the End Phase.

2.) Just Yanjing.  The design space for Brutal will expand at some point.