New player, probably a stupid question

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New player, probably a stupid question

Hi all,
Me and my friend have just picked up starters and are looking at getting into the game.
We've downloaded the rulebooks and tournament pack, as well as the FAQs.
However, I'm a bit confused about warband creation; is there any restrictions on stuff, do you have to take a "leader" model. I can't find anything in the pdf other than choose the "rice" value of game.
Does the printed rulebook explain any of this in more detail?
Cheers in advance for any help

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There are no "Leader" models or anything like that.  Just choose your Rice Limit for the game and take models from your chosen faction until you have spent all your rice.

You can also spend rice on Ronin who fight with your faction and Special cards but if you are just starting, its probably best to concentrate on models for now.

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No there are no requirements for construction other than be in the same Faction and within rice cost.

However, when you get the card packs there are some Theme bonuses - to qualify you have to build your list within the restrictions of the theme which will usually be you have to include certain models/types or cannot use certain models/types.

You also cannot have more than one of any particular card.  So if you are using a Card with some type of generic trooper on it and there are two life tracks, you can include up to two of those models, but not a third.