New Player - Starter Box or Singel Models

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New Player - Starter Box or Singel Models

Hey guys,


i'm thinking about starting with Bushido, however I don't realy know which charakters to play. I have been searching on the forum and I noticed that list rarly contained much of the charakters of the starter box. Is buying the starterbox still a good start or should I rather buy singel models since charakters of the starterbox are rarly played?


thanks in advance

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Rarely is a stretch. It´s that Itsunagi is a thresher, but expensive and thus people prefer to pick the easier to use Kenzo and/or Masunagi. The Temple Bushis are staple models and if you go the Shisai path you want Sakura. Her problem is that she´s not impressive alone without her priestess sisters. Akimoto hard to get working, yet shines brighter with the Ito card pack where he has a newer profile.

Best way to decide is to pick what models you like and work from there.

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