Can Shinobu Come too?

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Can Shinobu Come too?

No idea, its all hope, but....

Anyone know if the "Claw of the Dragon" theme List may be adding "Dog" to its Restiction in a future Errata?

Thematically I can appreciate the Military Arm of the Prefecture may frown upon Shinobu working alongside their warrior (it may not be good for PR... for.... uh... reasons? I dunno, dogs seem awesome in modern-day Military Units!)

Mechanicall it could also be a TAD overpowered (the theme bonus PLUS Scout/ Forward Observer would mean Atsushi could run for his first action and be on the mid-line turn 1)).

But it would be awesome if Shinobu could be allowed. Would allow a pair of Ki-2 Models to be in this theme list (alongside Hanso and Isamu), and would mean that you could just buy this duo to replace Hiro in the starter to still have a 35-Rice List with the benefit of a Theme list.

Like I said, just hoping, but also asking if anyone knows something i don't (and aspiring for optimisim) :)


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I'm hoping it too >_<

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