Horde Rinsho

Hello, in my last game i tried to build a list making use of the new card giving the horde subtype to rinsho, in addition to that i also gave him the gard doubling his mele pool ; I wanted to know if i understood the rules correctly or if I had cheated as this combo seemed out of control. First of all can i have them both equipped ? does the second rinsho summonned via the horde card benefits from the cards ? Can I have two rinsho simultaneously even though i only recruited one? Anything else that may have passed over my head ? Thank you.

The combo works but here is some clarifications on how it interacts with multiple wound tracks. This information is based on posts by one of the developers in the #rule-question channel on discord.

When you buy an unpgrade card to a multiple wound track model you attach it to a specific wound track unless specificly stated otherwise. So if you include 1 Rinsho in your list and give it Endless Numbers that means only Rinsho A has Endless Numbers and becasuse Rinsho B then don't not have the Hoard tag it cannot be summoned.

Unless something state that it removes the card an upgrade card will stay with that wound track after death and resummon. Crimson Sky Mushrooms is x1 which means you can only have it on one model, so even if you include 2 Rinsho with Endless Numbers in your list only one of those can have Crimson Sky Mushrooms.

The important thing to remeber that even if 2 models share the same profile card they count as seperate entities for list building. Because of that there are also tricks you can do with the Escort theme, (note that this will not work with Rinsho due to the above limitations). You include Bakemono Spearman A in your list, when it dies you still get 1 ki per turn because of the theme. Now if you want to summon in another Spearman you should summon in Spearman B. If you do that it means you get 1 ki for Spearman A being in your list but dead and 1 ki for Spearman B for being alive on the board.


By Mcgreag

thanks for the clarification the combo still seems strong but not as out of control, the wording in the rulebook had me think that a card attached to a profile was active for all the card so both wound tracks ... well i thank you again for the response have a great day.
By Zephyriel