50 Rice List, Easy combinations, straight ahead Game.

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50 Rice List, Easy combinations, straight ahead Game.

Hello Ryu Boys,

In the following Time i'll post some of My played lists.

Sorry for sone english Misstakes, i am not a motherspeaker.


this First List is My prouved standartlist. You dont need much combinations oder 

tricks to play it. 

Arguments pro: hardhitter, psycho-resistent, 7 Models.

Contra: prone , much Range Attackes


11 hiro takashi. - multitalant / offensiv and deffensiv. Out houseruel crit-must do dmg to make the Killing blow. 

10 hagane takashi. - his mother is a Littlebit more offensiv, and have the Chance with charging to ignore the fear to get a 100% Attacke.

9 bikou - ninja- sorry for.... Fucking awesome. Never melee, but there is no outer way, do it from behind, and  at the end of The aktivations of her Opponent. Or to get save of enemies rangeattake.

7 atsushi. -Little Samurai? Movement , armour , 3 dice, +1 dmg. Take it Love him 

3 shinobu. - He is sooo cute... Since The bloody mess vs  cult list... He ist cheap, fast, armour, he can do Missionaction.

6 jin.- why jin and not ryu yarimen..mmh there are 2 Little things.... Bravery , steadfast. Psychoresistent. and there is no Need for 1 rice.

4 daisuke..... Save life. Try to Save His life to..

comments, critik welcome.