Two Player Starter Set


A great way to access Bushido for the first time, the Two-Player Starter Set pits the Ito Clan against the Prefecture of Ryu.

This product contains:

Webstore Order Clarification

Risen Sun Exclusive Pre-Order Offer

We have added the combined offer as a product but please do not worry if you haven't used it. As long as your order has a Risen Sun Rulebook and a Replacement card pack in it, we will add a Free copy of Hiroto.

UK EXPO Grand Masters Tournament



Join us on Saturday 1st of June for a Bushido Grand Masters Tournament. Please note the tournament will be played under the new Risen Sun ruleset.

Get your tickets HERE


Store Orders

We have delays on all orders containing a starter set. Unfortunately the stock levels were inaccurate, we expect to have restocked and shipped all such orders by Wednesday 20th. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We will try to ensure all stock levels are accurate in the future.


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