Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!


A beautiful battle report from painting magician and maestro Alex Rosini who painted both of the sets used below.

Shiho go on general release!


The Shiho are back

Pre-orders have been shipped and they are starting to arrive on doorsteps around the world. The Shiho are now on general release, get yours while you can!

The Boys (& Girls) are Back in Town!


Our friends over at Robot Dice Explosion will be hosting a Live Q&A focusing on the upcoming Shiho Clan release! The stream will feature members of the GCT Studios team and is your chance to get more information about this exciting new faction or ask any burning questions you may have!

The Footsoldier’s Bane!

Since the dawn of war, traps and other such weapons of that ilk have been the bane of the footsoldier’s existence, and in Jwar, it’s no different. Traps are a vital part of any guerilla forces’ arsenal and can be fashioned from what they find around them or what others have left behind. Rebel forces are usually dirt-poor, so utilising what nature provides for free has given rise to devilish yet ingenious ways to cause harm, fear, and death.

An in-depth look at the Shiho


We bring you an extremely in-depth piece on the Shiho samurai and ashigaru, as well as some of the cards available to them. More on what’s available to the Shiho next Friday as we reveal another hidden facet of these exciting, guerilla warriors.


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