Shiho Clan Pre-Order offer, Tactica, and more


The Shiho are here and will be available for Pre-Order until the 16th July.
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Name, Rank, and Number - June


Welcome to another of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ articles, which spotlight who does what, how, when, and where. This one is someone everyone knows, the elusive, enigmatic, and Tournament winning, Master Enos!

Full name
Master Enos

The Black Eagle has Landed!


After the previews, the images and the year of build-up, we can finally release the returning Daimyo of the Eagle Clan and claimant to rule the Jwar Isles: Shiho Hiroto!

By the pricking of my thumbs…


At the end of every trail of breadcrumbs is a monster, and that monster is usually a witch. There’s something about them that’s almost primordial in a way. I suppose that’s why you’ll find them in the darkest of forests or the grimmest of fairy tales, stealing children or advising a doomed Red King on matters of war.


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