Brotherhood Theme Question

Hi there, im new here, kept an eye on this Game for a while now, but after a little Testplay with my brother yesterday, i really got hooked. Was playing around with ideas to start a Shiho Force, and was browsing arround while riding the train home, when i encountered some questions, i couldnt easily find answers for. The first and most interesting concerns the "Brotherhood Theme" Card, shown in the Brotherhood Ronin Box pics. It says that you can recruit Models as if you recruited Hiroto, but the only Model listet under Permitted Models is Hiroto Himself... so... wtf is that supposed to mean?! The second question concerns the Tactician Trait. Does ist give +x to any tactical test, or only those performed by the performing model? Because as of now, i have read both Versions. Or does it indeed depend on the specific wording of the ability on a specific card? Please dont get mad with me, i havent got any of the physical stuff, and i am totally relying on what i can find on the web, to come up with an Idea for a List, before i order the models, so if there are any misunderstandings on my part, please be merciful and forgive me. :)

All the models in the Brotherhood box has a "This model can be recruited into any warband that has recruited Hiroto. That means they can all be included in the theme as the theme counts as you having recruited Hiroto even if you haven't.

You can of course also include Hiroto in the theme, any version but you are still limited by faction availibility so need to run Shiho as the base faction for Black Eagle version and Tengu, Jung or Silvermoon for the Drunken Master version. You can also take Eldest Brother and if you do you can take Drunken Master version even with any base faction. This is bit complicated as it relies on nested permissions and the wording of the rules for permitting models in themes.

The Tactian trait reads: "This model adds X dice to Tactical Tests."

It might be a bit unclear (it's being erratad to say "when it performes Tacital Tests" to be more clear) but you can't stack Tactitan, you choose a model to do the Tactical Test and if that model has Tacitian you roll more dice and if it's the Tactical roll to determine deployment you also add the highest numer of Scout(+x/...). Note that a Tacical test is a standard Opposed Test and follow those rules, it's easy to forget as it's mostly just 1 dice vs 1 dice.

By Mcgreag

Thank your very much for the Reply.

I get it now. The Theme lets you recruit models as if you had Hiroto, and the only permitted model NOT recruited in that way is Hiroto himself.
I was under the Impression the "permitted" part would list ALL permitted models. I feel kind of dumb now.
Well, in my defence i recently encountered some truely horribly worded rules in an RPG, and had a "omg, not again!" kind of moment there. :)

Also thanks for the clarifaction on Tactitian. I actualy would have been surprised if Tactician from different Models would stack, but with the way it is written...
In that regard, what about the "Teachings of Yashushi" Card.
It reads that the atached Model gains Tactitian (+1).
So if im reading this correctly, if the attached Model already has Tactitian, it would stack with the Existing value? I.g. A model with Tactitian 1 and this enhancement would now have Tactitian 2?
Of course only, if it performes the test itself, am i right?

Again, Thanks for your reply.

By Gurthaur

Correct as it says (+1) it will stack, if it said (1) it would not stack. And example would be the Do Kote ki feat that gives Feint(1), even if you use the feat multiple times it would not stack as it doesn't say (+1)

By Mcgreag

Thanks again, no more questions. :)

By Gurthaur

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