Guys, hello everyone.I recently bought a cult starter and am thinking about buying Yuta witches Are they playable? How do they look at tournaments? And if it is possible, please advise playable Cult list for tournaments. I will be grateful. Sorry for my englih English ;)

I'm curious too.
By E-Warden

Not a Cult specialist but Yutas are very powerful, specially the 4th Yuta Hikari which can auto succeed (because she is Soulless) Chaos Bolt.

Something like this would be good start:
Rokuro can be replaced by for example Motoki or Yugio if you prefer.

++ Risen Sun (Cult of Yurei) [100 Rice] ++

+ Event Cards +
Balance [1 Rice]
Drain Spirit [1 Rice]
Feed on Fear [2 Rice]
Nightmares Unleashed [3 Rice]

+ Profile Cards +
Akuba [14 Rice]
Animated Warriors [10 Rice]: Gashodokuro Guard
Eiko [13 Rice]
Hikari [13 Rice]: Fresh
Josei [14 Rice]
Rokuro [15 Rice]
Shojo [14 Rice]

+ Theme Cards +
We Three Meet Again

++ Total: [100 Rice] ++
By Mcgreag

Going to have to update my answer a bit.

There was just an errata update so that Soulless only auto win if it's not the activating model. This means Hikari no longer auto succeed with Chaos Bolt.

While this is a significant nerf it doesn't make the Yutas bad, they are still good, just not oppressively powerful anymore.

By Mcgreag

Thank you so much!! But why we need event Balance for this list? I dont understand the meaning of this card
By Valeriy

Balance is a balanced card as it effects both players but some factions relay on re-rolls more than others. You don't care because you don't have any re-rolls but many other factions care a lot, Silvermoon Trade Syndicate are the most obvious one of course but all the Samurai factions are also very reliant on their Prowess [Melee] in combat and Bravery against your Fear.

So for a single rice you can debuff many of your opponents during an important turn while having no negative effect on you.

By Mcgreag