Damage and activation

Hi there,

Under what circumstances would you be capable of achieving 10 on the damage chart? Unless I'm doing it wrong all of the abilities I've ran into only affect the damage roll and not the success rating.

So even 3 attack dice against 0 defense dice would still be success 8 max?


Does the activating model performing a melee action exhaust, because the rulebook states after an attack both parties lose one activation counter so, again unless I'm misunderstanding you'd use one activation for the melee action and one for the exchange itself, exhausting you.

Thanks in advance.

Brutal +2 and/or Genzai's Own Luck

Malosi with Genzai's Own Luck can even hit 11.

You always remove activation counters at the end of the activation. For Melee exhange the timing is specified and for everything else you remove when the action is completed (rule is on the right side of page 26 in the rule book).

So no you do not lose 2 activation counters when you do a Melee action.

By Mcgreag
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