Enter the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Harukichi - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Not much eclipses the release of the promotional images but here is the first member of the SILVERMOON TRADE SYNDICATE!!!

Here at GCT Studios we are delighted to announce our 6th faction for Bushido, the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate. They represent the shadowy underworld of the Jwar Isles and they will bring their own unique twist to the battlefield. If you want to know more about these new additions to the game and their background be sure to get your hands on a copy of the rulebook HERE

This stunning faction and the rest of Wave 13 will be released at Gen-Con and all good FLGS on the 15th of August.


Get Yours on the 15th of August!

Fishermen of the Ro-Kan - Temple of Ro-Kan


Long have the Temple of Ro-Kan and the peasants lived in symbiotic harmony. In times of great turmoil the two continue the alliance. The Fishermen who make their lives from the great Sune-Kudansu, fishing from her many tributaries now add their talents to the fight. Whether slipping through terrain without trace or calling upon their cormorant allies they stand opposed to all enemies of the Temple.