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Since I don't do any forms of social media, I thought I'd post some random stuff here. Our game group is starting to get back into the swing of playing after taking a good break. We'd get a game in here or there over that time but with a few new players joining our group and really liking bushido, we've started playing much more. With more games under the Risen Sun ruleset comes some rules questions and general observations of the game. So the questions first...

1. What's up with the bear clan guy, Akemi and his range bands on his melee profile? Misprint?

2. Can a model use prowess (range) on the roll to see who they hit when shooting into a combat? We've been playing it that you can but not really sure if this was intended or not.

3. In what situation would it benefit a player to use push defense over throw defense if both cost the player 0 dice to use? I'm not seeing why a model would have these together.

Now on to some random thoughts...

1. Silvermoon are my main faction and while I really like the themes, seems like they missed an obvious one with all the animals they have. Could of called it "The Zoo" or something and made the animals the main attraction.

2. And along those same lines... I really wanted to like the pirates and pick them up for my 3rd faction but their themes seem real underwhelming. Love the models, especially the shark people. Again I'd like to use the shark and crab people but they just seem like there's no theme to really utilize them well. They could of called a theme, "Monsters of the Deep" or something and made them their own theme. Seems like a winner to me.

Any thoughts?

1. Fairly sure it is a misprint yes.
2. I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to do it, you could also boost dice of you have the option for that roll.
3. Only thing I can think of is if it's a fight against one of your own models with 1 control marker. So you will regain control after this activation. But that's a very uncommon situation.

1. Traveling Show is often referred to as the circus and while it's not a animal specific theme it's great if you want to run lots of animals. Even the theme bonuses works great with animals giving rerolls they would otherwise not have access to.

2. The reason the Jung themes look basic is that half the bonus of the theme is coming from the special effect that each captain gives. Like Jung Hibiki giving Evasive and Sidestep Defence(0) to all Kaizoku which combines with the Black Sails theme to give them Ki when side stepping. You have to look at both to see the full effect.

By Mcgreag
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There are plenty more themes to come.  ;)

By GCT Master Enos --

Grand Master of Bushido (Smog Con '14)

@Permalink To your point regarding my 3rd question, you could just melee the controlled model and put all your dice into defense. I see your point,, just seems like a waste of a special ability with the associated rice cost to go with it.

About the themes... With the Silvermoon, I just think it would be cool for an animal handler to have a theme.

And the Jung, I understand the captains give some bonuses. I just think the humans are ...ok. I'd much rather make a force of shark and crab men led by Davey Jones and his locker!

Not meaning to be argumentative, just tossing out my opinion. Since Master Enos said there'd be more themes, I guess I'll have to wait and see what the come up with.

By minoa

It's Mcgreag :) Permalink is if you want to make a permanent link to the post.

Yes you can put all dice in defence but with Push Defence you also get to reposition the previously controlled model, potentially placing it BtB with an enemy. Not saying it's some super great thing, just saying that there is a position where it could make a difference. It might not come up in a hundred games but it could happen.

I still consider Traveling Show to be that animal handler theme you are asking for, both rule wise and thematicly. That said there have been some hints of more animals coming so maybe there will be a theme released with those.

For Jung I wouldn't be surpriced if we see a Shugenja, Samemiman, Kanimiman, Animal, Kami theme at some point. Lorewise there is no Davey Jones type character as far as I know but that could of course change, I do find it more likely that it would be led by a Shugenja or Ryujin based on the Jung lore as I understand it.

The reason the pirates are turing into Samemiman and Kanimiman is because the Jung made a deal Ryujin, a powerful ocean Kami and turning people into fish people is a way for Ryujin to reward them no matter if they actually want it or not. From the kamis point of view none would ever say no to something like that. This is basicly the same as the Ito Hebimiman which have been made like that by the Kami that Ito has made a deal with.

By Mcgreag

So it is Mcgreag... I like Permalink better! Haha j/k.

I'll concede your point about push defense. Yeah I get it, the option is there but like you said, it's SO situational, almost to the point of uselessness. I'd still prefer the trade-off of not having push defense and the model being even 1 rice cheaper. Or here's a thought, how about a special card that let's you omit a special ability or ki feat and make the model 1 rice less. Like the peg leg card from the Jung.

Well maybe if the Jung get some themes that appeal to me more, I'll pick them up in the future. Time will tell.

Here's another random thought...

I like how they combined the scenarios together, VIM with ZoC, Idols with ZoC, etc but I miss the plain VIM scenarios if for no other reason than terrain set up... I've amassed a rather large amount of terrain (plastic and mouse pad rivers, mouse pad roads, 8-10 gravestones, 6 bamboo forests, all the Bushido terrain, fences, 8-10 asain themed aquarium pieces, a lot of the 3d printed stuff from 3D Alien Worlds, half a dozen scatter terrain pieces mounted on 50mm bases, 12 different idols... that might be 3/4 of what I got) to use in games and it kinda sucks having to set up terrain around the ZoC and idol stuff. Wish there was at least 1 or 2 scenario types that gave the players free reign to set up terrain.

By minoa

I hear you about terrain, comming from Infinity I want terrain everywhere :) but sadly it having that threatens to bog down the game too much.

Note that the Tournament pack is just that, a Tournament pack, not a general mission pack. It's missions that should be well balanced for tournament play. The Messanger which is the pure VIM scenario is not well balanced between the factions and as such should not be used in tournament play.

Here is the earlier version of the tournament pack which include The Messanger and some other scenarios in the non tournament section. You can always play it in casual games if you want.


There is also a narrative campaign book planned with more advanced terrain rules (indoors, multi level and such) and that should allow for heavier terrain usage.

By Mcgreag

I didn't mean I want to crowd the board with terrain. I like the terrain rules well enough, I just don't like having to set it up around the scenario pieces every single game. Would be nice just to have an open board once in awhile to set up the terrain without working around the scenario stuff.

By minoa
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