Scorch the Earth and contact

I have a few questions regarding the ability Scorch the Earth and I would really appreciate some clarity on these questions.

Firstly, I was wondering if the Scorch the Earth ability that Batsu the monk from the Kinshi Temple has also makes him gain Fire markers The template is placed B2B with him, but the ability says that it affects models that are in contacting the terrain gain 3 fire markers. Does contacting also include being in B2B or is it only for models that are within the terrains area?

Secondly, what happens to a model that gains Fire markers from the ability being used and placed on them (thereby making them gain 3 fire markers) and then they activate while the terrain is still there? Do they get 3 more markers if they move? What about if they move outside the terrain and then back into it?

It's a bit complicated but there have been a new Entering rule added and this card uses that rule. When you place the card no model gets a Fire marker as none of the models are considered to have entered the area yet, it's not until a model moves that it might get a Fire marker.

If the model is just in BtB with the template (like Batsu) and moves away it will not gain a marker as its movement did not bring it into contact with it but if its base is even just slightly under the template then movement will bring it into contact and give you a marker.

Note that movement isn't just from activating, Push Defense and other special attacks and defenses that move either side also count as movement for example. Also you only counts as Entering once per movement so if you start inside the template and move out and back inside with the same action you only gain 1 marker.

By Mcgreag
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