Painting Suzume Ashigaru

After having prepared the model, I applied a coat of black primer using an airbrush. Then, adding a zenithal light with grey primer.


Base colours:
To be sure every colours fits together, I'm applying every base colours right now.
Skin/feathers: Terracota from Vallejo Games Colors (VGC)
Beige clothes: Zandri Dust from Citadel (GW)
Blue clothes: Ultramarine from Vallejo Model Colors (VMC)
Beak, hands and legs: US Field Drab (VMC)
Golden armor: Flat Earth (VMC)
Belts and leather straps: Rhinox Hide (GW)
Steel: US Dark Green (VMC)
Spear's shaft: US Field Drab + Black
Ground: Burnt Umber (VMC)


Dark wash:
Clearly the easiest step! The entire model received a wash with Agrax Earthshade (GW). This is a very efficient way of adding deepness and contrasts.


Skin & feathers:
I started highlighting skin and wings using Terracota, and then by adding a little of Bronzed Flesh (VMC) to it.

Image Image

Hmmm... It doesn't work at all! The result is really too much bland and dull! I fixed it with several fine glazes, using pure Red (VMC), on some selected areas.

I restarted highlights with Orange Red (VMC), and then by adding more and more Bronzed Flesh to it. Shades were reworked using Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC).

Image Image
Clothes: The loincloth is reworked with light glazes of Castellan Green (GW) into the shadows, Ice Yellow and Beige for lights. Blue clothes received a first highlight with Ultramarine (VMC).


More highlights on the blue clothes, first by adding Blue Green (VMC) and then with more and more Beige (VMC).

Image Image
Metallic :
To paint the gold NMM, I start to define some light reflection with Japan Uniform (VMC).

I refine it on smaller areas with Ice Yellow.


Using the same method the blade was highlighted with Light Grey and Silver Grey.
Image Image
Final touches:
The model is almost finished, it's time for some last corrections and small details. Some final lights were added to metallic parts using pure white. I increased contrasts on gold parts by adding a bit of purple to the shades. Beak, hands and legs were highlighted by adding more and more beige to the base colour. A bit of red was added to the blue shades. Some light spot were added to the skin with Ivory. Rocks on the base were painted with US Dark Green and highlighted with Deck Tan. Ground received some glazes of US Field Drab.


A bit of vegetation and snow were added to the base (snow here is a mix of PVA glue, sodium bicarbonate and water).
The Zephyr Guard is ready!


A big thank you from GCT Studios to Dark Iron Studio for creating this tutorial for Bushido fans.