When making an attack can you choose no weapon

do you have to choose to use a weapon on the card, or can you just use the "base" pool of the unit with no specil abilities? For example: Hikari has a base melee pool of 2, but his only weapon on his card is "Unarmed" with a -1 pool which grants him the Ki Block ability for free. When attacking, can you choose to just attack without the "Unarmed" weapon and keep a pool of 2 but giving up the Ki Block ability, or do you always have to choose a weapon (and since this is his only one, you will always be forced to have a pool of 1 and gain the Ki Block ability)

Hikari has a base melee pool of 2 and his weapon on his card is "unarmed" with a -1 Strenght modifier. The -1 is a Strenght modifier to any Damage roll you do with that weapon i.e. the 2D6 roll you make when rolling for wounds. If you roll lets say a 3 and a 4 on the dice you get 7 and this result modified with -1 gives 6, then you compare with the sucess level on the wound chart to give you number of wounds inflicted. The Ki Block for this weapon will come to effect if you manage to wound the opponent. You use the weapons available to you. I.e if you have more than one you can choose which weapon to use for that attack. Sometimes playing in a certain theme or list can give you access to put on weapons via cards and a rise cost. Hope this is clear :) Regards
By Fnaff

ohhhh, the number inside the red portion of the weapon is not a modifier to the dice, but a modifier to the damage roll...... ok...we apparently had read that wrong. that makes a BIG difference lol!
By americanosiris
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