Creating Temple Bases

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I will show you a little tutorial with which you can tinker and with a little effort produce some pretty Temple bases.

Material: Balsa 1mm thick, screen door, 30mm Base, accessories for the base (eg, scroll , chains, mugs, etc). Glue, 5 cent piece, pencil, craft knife.


Step 1:

Place the 5 cent piece and draw around it onto the balsa wood.


Step 2:

Cut out the circle carefully with a craft knife, Smooth the edges with a file, checking if the wood circle fits in the base.


Step 3:

Cut the wooden disc into strips of the desired width.


Step 4:

Mark on the wood where they should be cut across to represent a stepped effect in the wooden planks. Cut the wood at these points now.


Step 5:

Glue the wood strips onto the base now. the distance between planks is down to your preference and it may be that you dont need all of the wood strips to fill the space.



Step 6:

Now lay the screen door over the base and decide how much coverage you would like. Once you have decided cut out two pieces with the same width.


Step 7:

Glue the first strip of screen door to the desired location. Then glue the second piece of screen door on top but offset it slightly, just enough to give a woven appearance.


Step 8:

Cut off the excess glue and screen from the edge of the base. Done :-)


Thankyou for reading this tutorial, we hope it gives you the confidence to have a go yourself.

GCT Studios would like to thank Torben "GreenX" Ratzlaff for producing this wonderful tutorial and allowing us to share it with you.

If you would like to see these bases in their full painted glory click Here.

If you would like to read the original in German check out Torben's German Bushido Fan Forum at