More than just a game...

Coming soon - New Tournament & Scenario Pack - Print friendly veresion HERE.

Bushido Rules (Printer-Friendly) - latest printer-friendly version of the Bushido Risen Sun ruleset.

Bushido Rules Videos - a series of rules explanations videos, perfect for people new to the game.

Errata Live Document - errata and FAQ (live document)

Tournament Pack - the official Bushido Risen Sun Tournament Rules. Print friendly version HERE.

Tales from the Jwar Isle - a collection of fiction pieces lifting the veil on key characters.

The Jumo Ring - insight into important historical events such as the Dragon War.

Hobby Tutorial - grab a hobby knife and a brush, we show you the basics of modelling and quite a bit beyond.

Compiled Faction Profile Cards:

Cult of yurei

The Descension

Ito Clan

Jung Pirates

Kinshi Temple

Kage Kaze Zoku (Shadow Wind Clan)

Minimoto Clan

Prefecture of Ryu


Savage Wave

Shiho Clan

Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Temple of Ro-Kan

Updated Cards 31.1.24

Updated cards