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Shipping news, a new article on the 2PSS and competitions


Shipping Update

We are working away to get everybodies' orders out as quickly as we possibly can. The Tengu cards have been reprinted and shipped and are winging their way to us as I write this, as soon as they land we'll be getting all orders including the Tengu Replacement Deck out to you. It is likely that orders including Tengu will start to be shipped Saturday at the earliest and the bulk early next week. We know this is frustrating and we want them in your hands, almost as much as you want them!

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Two Player Starter Set



A great way to access Bushido for the first time, the Two-Player Starter Set pits the Ito Clan against the Prefecture of Ryu.

This product contains:

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Webstore Order Clarification


Risen Sun Exclusive Pre-Order Offer

We have added the combined offer as a product but please do not worry if you haven't used it. As long as your order has a Risen Sun Rulebook and a Replacement card pack in it, we will add a Free copy of Hiroto.

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