Inari's Judgement is here!

The Kitsune Themed Warband is now available as part of Wave 11...

To evade the divine laws is to summon the wrath of the Kitsune themselves. Follow the path of your destiny, the one set out for you before you were even born, lest the Kitsune hunt you down for your transgressions against nature inviolate. The Kitsune are both Judge and Executioner against the worlds of the kami, the living and the dead. To stray from the path, even just a little, could mean death but fear not, for if there is retribution to the guilty, there is restitution to the innocent; all that matters is what you choose to be.

With the release of Inari's Judgement we also have two additional Kitsune to join the fray:


Very few kitsune master the requisite discipline and aptitude to become a Queen’s guard. Only the very best among already exemplary warriors can fulfil this role. Their stone-faced stoicism and sheer wrath in battle make them some of the empire’s most fearsome combatants. They believe in death before disrepute and will gladly lay down their lives supporting their Queen and everything she stands for.


Just as the judges can only deliver two verdicts, innocent or guilty, Hōfuku dispenses two forms of justice.  He represents retribution against the guilty and restitution towards the innocent. While his Armour, Feint, Parry and the powerful Adept Trait allow Hōfuku to work alone, he is undoubtedly best when paired with Kuoto.

We also have models for three other factions so come across and check them out...