Strap in, today is going to be awesome...


Two Player Starter Set (Adepticon Exclusive Release1)

The two player starter set is back and it's better! It launches today for a limited period. Know someone on the fence? Knows the time to pass them a katana and launch their journey into Bushido and the Jwar Isles.

  • 10 models and bases, A5 rulebook, Token set, 30 cards
  • Limited availability

Image Image

Wave 5

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Wave 5 launches today, these along with the rest of todays releases will be in the store around 4pm (UK time).

  • 6 different factions receiving reinforcements
  • Pre-orders will ship early April

For all today's releases head to the Pre-Orders section of the store

1The two player starter set will be available for purchase in our webstore and at Adepticon for the duration of Adepticon. It will go on general release later in 2022.