The heirs of two rival samurai families, destined to fall in love against all precedent and defy their ancestors. Misadventures and strife result from their forbidden love but will our star-crossed lovers survive or be forced to fight in an escalating war between feuding factions?

It's the morning after Valentine's Day and, while we at GCT rarely have cause to pay specific observance of this particular holiday, this year is different! Following our social media posts yesterday we thought it worthy to share a little more detail about our aforementioned lovers.

Hozumi Koga and Kiyozumi Hinadori grew up in the same village and while their paths didn’t cross during childhood, they met as adults and, of course, fell in love. All would have been well and their love could have formed a strong alliance were it not for the fact that an incident generations ago caused a feud which had consumed both of the noble samurais families ever since.

Koga and Hinadori are two of the protagonists of our new two player starter set. Like all characters in the new set both are Ronin profiles, meaning whatever factions you play you will be able to use some of the models from the set in your existing war bands. The box has enough to let you play through many of your own stories, as well as our Masters scenarios. You can even see character development using each character’s unique Enhancement Card.

Koga is a Samurai who is proficient with both his Daisho and Dai Kyu. His Ki Feat replicates the effect of Clan Armour for the major Clans.  He has synergies with many of the other models in his family and with his theme list. The low cost of his feat means it can be used quite often or, when he needs it less, he can save Ki for boosts.
When Koga realises the depth of his feelings for Hinadori he can be upgraded with his Enhancement Card:  True Love.  This gives Koga significant advantages when he is included with Hinadori.  This is not easy while the families are still feuding but when expanding to other lists, Koga and Hinadori make for a powerful couple together on the battlefield.

Hinadori is a Shisai, she is more of a support piece, with her Ki feats centring around healing and protection. Her new Shomyo affects damage rolls against nearby models. Further to this she has the heal trait to round out her excellent capabilities to both protect her allies and heal back the few points that do get through.
Hinadori can join the Miko as a full priestess, this is her Enhancement Card which provides great Virtue Token potential. As with Koga, Hinadori will work well on her own but when the chance arises she will take full advantage of the synergy on offer.