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The two player starter set and the rest of Wave 6 is now available!


Hozumi Daihanji

The Hozumi family are a noble house that can trace their family back for generations. They are bereft of lands and resources and live in the opulent shadow their far wealthier neighbours cast. But they have one thing that sets them apart from most others: they are of the samurai class, a role they take very seriously. They are dedicated to the villages and villagers in their immediate surroundings, keeping them safe from bandits and other armed miscreants while helping the local trade grow and flourish. Daihanji inherited this situation, but he would not change it for anything; such was his
nature. He was a famed bandit killer who hunted out those who used their lands for misdeeds and murder in his youth, and even now, in his winter years, his fame fights half his battles for him.

Daihanji loves his son, Koga, and prepares him to take over the house's leadership. While Koga is a great swordsman and has learned the older arts of archery, Daihanji is most proud of his son's relationships with the villagers and peasants of the fields. No matter how noble, the Hozumi family has its strength in love shown by the populace, and Koga is more than comfortable in their company. But such was a father's love for his son that he made a mistake that would haunt them all. When Koga's mother died, he sought a maternal figure to help raise his son, knowing he could not do so alone. He chose Maha, who, in time, filled their coffers and extended their influence, but her presence casts a pall on the family and in the villages, causing Koga to be away frequently.

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Daihanji can assist his family with his Encourage Ki Feat in your games with the two-player box and is a proficient fighter himself. His Push Defence will also be helpful in scenario play. His Reputation Ki Feat is useful to boost his personal fighting prowess and can be used to set up a model to be taken down by multiple models by stacking debuffs. This is a crucial Bushido skill that new players will learn from using this model.

As you look to include Daihanji in other games, larger forces can be made by recruiting more Ronin. Any Ronin Peasants or Villagers are immediately desirable due to the Encourage Ki Feat. As he realises the damage done to his family's reputation, Daihanji makes more efforts to win back the villagers' support, so you can add his Enhancement Card: Man of the People


This gives a great bonus for the Villager models but, perhaps, more importantly, allows Daihanji to join the Temple Theme, Bastions of the Mountain. This is an excellent option for Temple players and opens up exciting new build options for that list. Overall this is a profile full of character, offering a lot to players looking to tell stories with their games while also offering the incomparable Prowess [Melee] trait to Bastions of the Mountain and his support option.