Best of the Web and Bushido Cast

With the recent pre-release of our brand new Two Player Starter Sets and The Void themed warband we thought what better opportunity to bring back our Best of the Web article. For this article we will be focusing our attention on the brilliant Discord community!

Our first entry is from the user “WaffleDebacle” who managed to get his Void Monks fully painted within 30 hours of receiving their order!


Next we will take a look at both a fully painted Two Player Starter Set and The Void warband from “moohateyou” or Josh to his friends. Again the pace at which the models have been painted to an excellent standard is astonishing!

Image Image Image

While it has been said that quantity has a quality all of its own something has to be said for taking one’s time and painting each miniature individually. “Wynter” has taken this approach with his Void monks and has gone for an excellent alternate stream, I for one look forward to seeing the rest of this warband!


“Vak-corey” has painted more Void monks, this time in a more traditional scheme to an exceptional standard, focussing on some awesome looking object source lighting!


Our final entry for this instalment comes from “Craig (Bushido cast twin)”. As the name suggests Craig is on of the hosts of the excellent Bushido Cast podcast and he has painted The Void warband in a truly unique scheme. What makes this even more staggering is that he completed them in approximately 5 hours!


Further to the models displayed above Craig and the other guys from Bushido Cast have recently published an episode focussed on the Void monks of the Kinshi Temple, featuring our very own lead developer Jason. The episode can be found by following the below link or by searching for “Bushido Cast” on your favoured podcast provider.

Stay tuned for future articles and if you would like your models featured in a future Best of the Web don’t forget to add the #GCTStudios and #BushidoTheGame tags when posting images on social media.

Until we meet again, my loyal bushi!