Kitsune Painting Competition

Hello bushido fans. You may remember that a little while ago we hosted an online Kitsune painting competition. Well, after some careful consideration we have picked our winners! Before we reveal the top three, congratulations go out to everyone who entered, the quality of all the entries was outstanding and several could have easily won a prize.
So without further ado, in reverse order, let’s see who are the champions of the Kitsune Competition!
In third place is Antoine Bergeron with a stunning rendition of Kyuubi!


In second place we have every Kitsune released so far painted to a exceptional standard by Craig Ivey.

Our winner, having painted the entirety of the Inari’s Judgement themed warband, is Hedley Coppock. As always Hedley’s models have been painted to a phenomenal level and I’m sure you will agree is a deserving winner.

Congratulations to all three winners, please get in contact with us via the contact page to claim your prize.
If you would like to see the other entries they can be found across social media using the tag #KitsuneCompetition