Painting Sloth's glowing eyes

This is one of the last steps to achieve the final paint job on this model. Before adding such "special effects", Sloth was properly painted.

Step 1 

You can then start painting the glowing effect by applying the colour of your choice all around the eyes (I used Magenta this time). The colour must be very transparent to be blended in the "skin" tones, so you will probably have to heavily thin your paint and several coats will be needed to get a good opacity inside the eyes.

Step 2

The hardest is now behind you! You just should repeat the same process with a smaller area with a mix of the previous colour and a bit of white...

Step 3

...and finally with pure white! First with a bit of thinned white (not all around the eyes this time, only on a very located area) and then with a very small dot of not thinned white (because thinned white is losing a wide part of its intensity).

Finished Model

A big thanks to Dark Iron Studios for producing this marvellous paint job and taking the time to write a tutorial for Bushido players.

If you want to try your hand at this tutorial you can find Souta and Sloth HERE.

If you'd like to see more of Dark Iron Studios have a look and throw them a like over on their Facebook page.