Bushido Rules

This section presents the rules in PDF format, both in English and select languages, available to download free of charge. It may also contain additional resources that will enhance the gaming experience.


Bushido:New Dawn PDF (control-click to download)

Bushido:New Dawn PDF Printer Friendly

Errata incorporated rules (2018)

Tournament Pack PDF (Including all 12 Scenarios and Scenario Rules)

Tournament Pack Errata Printer Friendly

English Cards that can be downloaded from our Store.



Bushido:New Dawn PDF in French (control-click pour une sauvegarde)

Bushido: New Dawn Trait EN->FR (control-click pour une sauvegarde)

Cards Translation in French (click pour access à la page)



Bushido:New Dawn PDF in German (control-click zum download)

Cards Translation in German



Fan translated Spanish rules (Thanks Atrus)

Bushido: New Dawn PDF in Spanish (updated Oct 14)



Bushido: New Dawn PDF in Italian (updated Dec 15)


Starter set card translations coming soon!



Fan translated Chinese rules (Thanks TouMu)

Bushido: New Dawn PDF in Chinese

Bushido Tokens

Buy the official set HERE

Bushido: New Dawn Game Tokens (control-click to download)