Painting gore

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How to make Gore

What you will need:

  • Tamiya Clear Red.
  • Black (your favourite water based acrylic paint is fine).
  • A couple of brushes that you don’t care about….too much.
  • Tamiya brush cleaner.
  • Separate tile.
  • Separate clean water.

First of all if you haven’t heard of Tamiya Clear Red before; this is the stuff.


It quite a strange product and luckily has some great properties that are excellent for doing gory effects. Although they state acrylic on the bottle, don’t get confused with your favourite range, these are not water based, which is where the Tamiya brush cleaner comes in as this will be the only way you will get your brushes clean after use. Once you have used the brush cleaner then you can clean them in clean water.


Stage 1

This process has to be done after you have varnished your miniature. Take the Clear Red and put it neat onto the tile. Paint this over the area you want to be gory. You don’t have to be too neat at this point as you are shaping the area. Wait about 40 seconds. The Clear Red starts to coagulate, a bit like real blood and this you can use to your advantage. Stipple your brush over the area, this will do two things, first it will remove a little bit of paint and then secondly add that important texture you are looking for. Then allow a good 5 minutes plus to totally dry before moving on.



Stage 2

Now let's add a little bit of realism to this. Get your normal acrylic black and add a small amount to the paint. Start to stipple this in random areas this will start to add depth. Work quickly here because of the coagulation of the paint. Add a bit more black around a 50/50 mix and do the same again. Then let it dry completely. If you want very old looking blood, go further adding more black, and that is it.




Other Ideas

For the front of the Oni I wanted a more fetid appearance. Note that this can be done by using Tamiya Clear Green and or Tamiya Clear Yellow instead of the Red. I didn’t have any to hand so I went with the above technique but used Vallejo Reflective green then added a little black at the last stage to give the effect I wanted. Here is a palette shot and a close up of the guts.



Hope you have found this helpful? Of course if you have any questions, please, ask in the Modelling and Painting section on the GCT forum.



(GCT Studios would like to thank Atacam for all of his paint jobs sp far and for this excellent tutorial)