Books & Accessories

Title Reference Price
Bushido New Dawn Rule Book GCTBAND001 £24.95
The Silvermoon Trade Syndicate Faction Dice GCTBSM008 £9.95
Savage Wave Faction Dice GCTBSW011 £9.95
Kage Kaze Zoku Faction Dice GCTKK009 £9.95
Temple of Rokan Faction Dice GCTBTR011 £9.95
The Ito Clan Faction Dice GCTBIC011 £9.95
Tengu Descension Faction Dice GCTBTD008 £9.95
Cult of Yurei Faction Dice GCTBCY011 £9.95
Prefecture of Ryu Faction Dice GCTBPR011 £9.95
Jung Pirate Faction Dice GCTBJP006 £9.95
Small Scenario Objectives GCTBACC001 £9.95
Carts Set (5 pieces) GCTBACC003 £9.95
Jwar Isle Dwelling GCTBACC004 £29.95
Rural Hovels (2 buildings) GCTBACC005 £29.95
Generic Special Card Pack 1 GCTBAND002 £5.95
Special Attack & Defence Cards GCTBAND003 £5.95