Previously the Shadow Crows have only had to suffer the Soulless as those who failed to become leaders among the clan. These two brothers, however, changed that attitude as they are both soulless, either by nature or nurture. No one wanted them, so no one bothered looking for them upon their disappearance. Not even their parents went looking for them. Falling in with the Shadow Wind clan, they endured a brutal training regime designed to test their mettle and discover what drives them. As part of their final test, they wanted to eliminate an adept but needed a third to join them. However, after much discussion, they decided against it, killing the third and the adept for good measure. This bloodthirsty act earned them the right to fulfil missions impossible to complete, but these two have proven their worth, no matter how disturbed their leaders are by their capabilities.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.