Sakaguchi’s relationship with her nest of snakes is different to the rest of the clan. The snakes are ammunition, projectiles to be expended and forgotten. Most die after being released from her serpentine bow. This callous act doesn’t seem to diminish their affection for Sakaguchi. But are they real snakes? Or some manifestation of Orochi’s wicked power? Only Sakaguchi has the answers to this.

The Ophidian Arrow Ki Feat gives an incredible array of options.  As well as providing a superb archer, the ability to add more models to your warband for no Rice Cost and send them hurling across the battlefield is invaluable. Izu Serpents are available here.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.