Temple of Ro-Kan

Kaiyō & Mangetsu


Community and protection are values held dear by the villagers of Jwar, as they are stronger together rather than apart. Kaiyō & Mangetsu represent these stalwart beliefs and the concepts of life, death, salvation or endless torment. They appear as rippling reflections in bodies of water such as ponds, pools, wells and the like. They are a duality spirit, two halves of a whole existing in harmony, just like the temples and the villages of Ro-Kan exist together—a perfect symbol of their reliance on each other.

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Kami of the Summer Storm


The typhoon season around Jwar produces startling and destructive weather, with high winds destroying all in its path. Whole villages and entire fleets have been known to disappear when these tempests prowl the land and sea. The storms draw their power and fury from the ocean, eventually dying out the further they travel inland, but even this brief time of landfall is one of terror and despair. Similar to the storm this Kami embodies, its time here will be short.

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Very few kitsune master the requisite discipline and aptitude to become a Queen’s guard. Only the very best among already exemplary warriors can fulfil this role. Their stone-faced stoicism and sheer wrath in battle make them some of the empire’s most fearsome combatants. They believe in death before disrepute and will gladly lay down their lives supporting their Queen and everything she stands for. Senshi is the epitome of this.

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Just as the judges can only deliver two verdicts, innocent or guilty, Hōfuku dispenses two forms of justice.  He represents retribution against the guilty and restitution towards the innocent. While his Armour, Feint, Parry and the powerful Adept Trait allow Hōfuku to work alone, he is undoubtedly best when paired with Kuoto.

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Grand Master Ekusa


After a meeting of Masters, The venerable Master Ekusa was nominated by Master Enos to become Grand Master of the Temple.

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Inari's Judgement - Themed Warband


To evade the divine laws is to summon the wrath of the Kitsune themselves. Follow the path of your destiny, the one set out for you before you were even born, lest the Kitsune hunt you down for your transgressions against nature inviolate. The Kitsune are both Judge and Executioner against the worlds of the kami, the living and the dead. To stray from the path, even just a little, could mean death but fear not, for if there is retribution to the guilty, there is restitution to the innocent; all that matters is what you choose to be.

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Mina was born in a small fishing village on the coast below the Rokan mountains, where she loved to swim and play in the sea. She swam gracefully, even managing to use the force of the waves to propel her toward the beach at great speed, and by doing this, she could perform incredible stunts and crowd-pleasing acrobatics. The locals called her a 'water dancer.' Her life was one of sand, sea, and surf; she felt balar-,ced and harmonious and sought to learn more about these feelings and her place in the universe. That is why she went to the Temple of

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Fire is seen as the great purifier, destroying everything in its path. Some among the Temple of Ro-Kan seek to master that same path, which is often fraught with disaster. Botan has managed to merge his corporeal form - his flesh - with that which sets humans on the same standing as the gods, fire. He twists and turns, destroying all those that would wreak havoc on the poor, the downtrodden, and the defenceless. He spins like one of those flame-devils rumoured to guard the deserts to the North of the Empire.

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Temple of Ro-Kan - Faction Dice Set


Brand new Risen Sun Faction dice, featuring high quality engraved and painted detailing. Attack dice see faction specific design and defence dice celebrate the Risen Sun. Packs contain 6 Attack dice and 6 Defence dice.

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Taiki & Niseru


When he was younger, Taiki was a light-fingered miscreant with a heart of gold and a taste for anything cooling on the kitchen window. Pies, rice cakes, and sweet treats were his pilferage of choice that he would then dutifully dole out to all the other wayward children too. He grew up hard in a myriad of villages nestled in the Ro-Kan Mountains. Taiki was never selected to join the Temple of Ro-Kan, but his eyes never left the monks when they trained, and between what he watched and practised and tousling with the other village children, he adapted a fighting style all of his own.

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